How to Draw Grass in 3 Different Ways Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to draw grass in three different ways. The examples include drawing grass close up, drawing patches of grass, and drawing large areas of grass.

This is a fairly simple tutorial easy enough for beginners.

Drawing Close Up Grass

Grass drawing close up
Grass close up drawing

For dense close up grass (like you are looking directly at it) you can draw each individual blade.

Grass drawing step by step
Grass close up drawing step by step

You can think of drawing this type of grass as several layers with some blades of grass being in the foreground and others in the background. Simply start you drawing with a few blades and keep on adding to them.

Grass close up drawing directions
Grass close up drawing directions

To make the grass look more natural be sure add in some slightly different curves for different and make some overlap in different places.

Drawing Patches of Grass

Grass drawing clumps
Grass clumps drawing

This type of grass drawing can be useful for both close up drawings and larger landscape drawings.

Grass clumps drawing directions
Grass clumps drawing directions

As the clusters of grass are far apart grass will tend to sort of “fan out” in all directions unlike dense grass which tends to mostly go upwards.

Grass clumps perspective
Grass clumps perspective

When drawing multiple patches you can vary them in size to make them look more natural but generally the patches that are farther off in the distance should be smaller due to perspective (as in the example above).

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Drawing Large Areas of Grass

Grass drawing field
Field of grass drawing

Drawing each individual blade of grass for large areas can bee too time consuming and may also look unnatural as individual blades of grass will sort of blend together off in the distance.

Area of grass drawing directions
Area of grass drawing directions

For large areas of grass you can just draw the tips/hints of the individual blades fanning out in slightly different directions.

Grass field clumps perspective
Grass area clumps perspective

Just like the clumps of grass make the blades of grass smaller and less defined as they go off into the distance until you basically just add a few small strokes or dots.


Drawing grass is not too difficult and can be very useful for outdoor scenery or close up outdoor drawings as grass is so common.

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