Horse drawing tutorial

How to Draw a Horse From the Side View Tutorial

This step by step tutorial explains how to draw a horse from the side view and includes detailed illustrations for each step. A horse is a fairly challenging animal to draw. If you are going to be following along using pencil and paper be sure to make light lines for the first six steps of the tutorial as you will need to do some erasing later on. Step 1 – Establish the Proportions of the Horse’s Body Start with a simplified line drawing to establishing the basic proportions and shapes of the horse’s body. In the above illustration you can

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Leaf branch drawing

How to Draw a Tree Branch With Leaves

This step by step tutorial explains how to draw a tree branch with leaves and includes illustrated examples for each step. Step 1 – Draw the Branch Start by first drawing out the shape of the branch. Generally branches are thicker towards the base and thinner towards the ends. They also tend to have fairly irregular shapes with many bumps and small bends. You can first do a light sketch that omits some of these bends and bumps and add them in once you determine the main shape of the branch (erase where needed). Step 2 – Draw the Petioles

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